Feb 24 2015

Danny Collins | Official HD Featurette

Feb 20 2015

Southern Living Scans

I added full scans from Southern Living March issue.


Feb 18 2015

Jennifer Garner: The Southern Living Interview

Feb 18 2015

Jennifer Garner’s Southern Roots

Jennifer Garner wears many hats—actress, mother, producer, activist, wife—but the role she identifies with most is being a Garner girl, along with her mother, Patricia, and sisters, Melissa and Susannah. Like many Southern women, the actress, who stars alongside Al Pacino and Annette Bening in the upcoming film Danny Collins, grew up with Southern Living. It’s no surprise that Jen, as she is known at home, would want this shoot to be a family affair.

On set, the women were laid-back and friendly. No entourage or demands. No gripes about the wardrobe or unflattering angles. lt’s a reflection of their upbringing in Charleston, West Virginia, where Patricia pushed humility over vanity. The sisters didn’t wear makeup as teens and got $400 a year for clothes. (“That had to buy everything from our underwear to our shoes,” Jen says.)

Even without their natural rapport, there would be no denying the Garners’ kinship: The almond eyes and big smiles are prominent shared features. “We are doing this shoot so people can finally stop asking if my lips are real,” Jen quips when the photographer points out their resemblance. That trademark, relatable sense of humor also comes from her mother, who entertained the crew with stories of favorite Southern Living recipes and a road trip to Auburn, Alabama, last fall for the Texas A&M football game.

After the shoot, we chatted with Jen and her mom about what Patricia taught her girls about food, life, and family. Continue Reading  

Feb 18 2015

Jennifer Garner: It Was a Shock to Hear People Call Me Pretty in College

Jennifer Garner opened up about her mother and Southern upbringing in the March issue of Southern Living.

While she is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, Garner, 42, revealed that her mother, Patricia, never put much importance on her beauty.

“What my mom did that I valued so much was to not place beauty high on the list of priorities,” she said. “It was a shock when I got to college to hear people say I was pretty.”

Garner, who is known for her gorgeous pout, also shared a photo of her equally full-lipped mom so that “people can finally stop asking if my lips are real.” (FOr a behind-the-scenes video interview with Garner, click here.

When it comes to being a mom of three children of her own with husband Ben Affleck – daughters Violet, 9, and Seraphina, 6, and son Samuel, 2 – the Men, Women and Children star revealed that she hopes to impart the values that she learned growing up in the South.

“It’s really important for my kids to see that everyone doesn’t have the lives they see in Los Angeles,” the actress said. “That doesn’t reflect the rest of the world. I want them to grow up with the Southern values I had to look at people when they say hello and to stop and smell the roses.”

“If I could do half as good a job as my mom did, I’d be pretty happy,” she continued.

One Southern value that Garner appreciates is the sense of community she found growing up in West Virginia.

“I feel so fortunate to have grown up in a place where people look out for each other,” she revealed. “Community is the one thing people crave most, and it’s hard to come by. I grew up with such an excess of it that now wherever I go, the first thing I do is build my group.”

Learn more about how Garner’s Southern roots influenced her life in the March issue of Southern Living, which hits newsstands on Feb. 20.


Feb 11 2015

EXCLUSIVE! Jennifer Garner & Steve Carell Are Hilarious in These ‘Alexander’ Bloopers!

Their day may have been horrible — but it was also pretty hilarious!

Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is headed to DVD today and in anticipation of the family-friendly release, ETonline has your exclusive first look at the laugh-out-loud bloopers.

Jennifer Garner and Steve Carell struggle to keep a straight face in our sneak peek video above, and the gag reel also features Disney darling Bella Thorne as she struggles to get her tongue-twister lines straight.

Catch these bloopers and much more on Disney Movies Anywhere the free app (available on iOs devices, Android and Vudu), where people can stream or download all Disney, Pixar and Marvel films.

Based on the best-selling book, the family comedy follows the wild adventures of the Cooper family on their worst — and most outrageous — day ever.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is available on Digital HD, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, Disney Movies Anywhere and On-Demand on Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Feb 07 2015

The 30th Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Jennifer attended the Outstanding Performer of the Year ceremony at the 30th Santa Barbara International Film Festival at Arlington Theatre on February 6 in Santa Barbara.


Jan 25 2015

People Scan

Jen is featured in new issue of People magazine.


Jan 22 2015

Jennifer Garner is Done with Diets & High-Maintenance Beauty

I’m always fascinated by how celebrities behave when the cameras are off. Being behind the scenes as a makeup artist, I often see the difference between private moments and public ones—and sometimes it’s pretty extreme. That’s not the case with actress Jennifer Garner at all. When I first met Jennifer, she was in the pool with her three adorable kids with Ben Affleck—Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 2. She was just like any other devoted mom—playing and laughing, no entourage in sight. And thanks to recent anti-paparazzi legislation that she helped pass to protect kids, no cameras either.

Jennifer is the real deal—kind, funny, really down-to-earth, and all about family. When it comes to her professional life, she has a good sense of humor and perspective about the Hollywood machine. After nonstop dieting for her role as a badass superspy in Alias, she’s over it. From her gorgeous skin to her caring for her body, Jennifer talks about her low-maintenance routine. Meet the authentic—and awesome—Jennifer Garner: Continue Reading  

Jan 21 2015

Jennifer Garner Has Some Beauty Advice For Her 25-Year-Old Self

The thing about Jennifer Garner is that she’s essentially everything we want to be. She has a very successful career, with acting roles ranging from an ass-kicking spy in Alias to the ultra-sympathetic and progressive Dr. Eve Saks in Dallas Buyers Club, and she’s a mother — a good one at that. Garner recently fought and won for legislation to be put into place that bans paps from taking photos of celebrity’s children. Plus, under the bizarre microscope from which she is constantly examined to we non-celebs, she just seems like a down-to-earth, nice person.

So, I was pretty much anything but surprised when Jennifer called me at around 10 a.m. on a weekday — 7 a.m. her time. She was on her way to work, but she managed to squeeze time to give details on her predictably low-maintenance beauty routine (she is a spokesperson for Neutrogena, after all), her most recent film, and the Oscars dress she’ll never forget. Here’s what she had to say. Continue Reading  

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