Neutrogena Commercial

Jen has a new Neutrogena commercial out and here are some screen caps and a video clip for you:

Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner

July 30, 2008 • Posted by gertiebeth • Gallery Updates, Videos11 Comments
  1. Angie said:

    Gorgeous! I don’t think the ads are airing in the UK though, which is a shame.

  2. gertiebeth said:

    Hi Angie! *waves*

  3. milla21 said:

    I love it!
    my favorite so far. she looks beautiful, thanx :)

  4. Mike said:

    Jen is such a class act.

    Give me Bennifer over Brangelina anyday!

  5. Rosy J said:

    Jen is awesome. Love her.

  6. Saginaw Joe said:

    Great commercial. Jen is the most beautiful actress in the world.

  7. lexa said:

    so cute and Gorgeous!

  8. Helen said:

    She is sooo lovely. She shines

  9. Laura-Anne said:

    Love her,she is a fab actress and so gorgeous. x

  10. Jan said:

    Maybe she is a bad girl?

  11. Rosy J said:

    Yeah, she is a “bad a$$” girl! hehe